2017 visit

Today would have been my dad’s 76th Birthday. We lost him almost 6 month ago and since then life has been different. 3 Trips to Germany and lots of very very tough decisions, after 180+ years our existence in the small village of Strössendorf comes to an end. I feel very attached to that village as I grew up there.
In the early years after I came to the US, we had no contact. But I’m happy the last 5-6 years things turned around and he was able to get to know my family and his Grandkids.
I never thought in a million years I would see my dad initiate a skype video call :)

Life goes on and now it’s us kids that must continue the family traditions and things we learned from our dad. Teach our children to do good in this world.

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Hier könnt Ihr einen kleinen Einblick in mein Leben hier in den USA werfen. Viel Spass....